Rates & Options

A $250.00 deposit is required to reserve all hunting charters. There will be no hourly increase for charters. All charter rates are for full day (legal hunting hours) and include transportation.

If a trip is canceled due to weather or mechanical issues, we will reschedule you for another day. If we are unable to reschedule, we will refund your deposit. Due to the short seasons, any customer-based cancellation must be made 2 months prior to your scheduled trip to receive 100% deposit refund. Any other customer-based cancellations not within 2 months prior of the trip will forfeit the deposit.

8 Hour Hunting Charter
Trips for a party of up to four hunters are $1,250.

Customers can expect to target Sea Ducks such as Eider, Scoter, and Old Squaw. We also target Divers such as Blue Bills, Buffleheads and Mergansers.

All decoys, boat, and fuel are provided. Customers are responsible for their own guns and ammunition.


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