Jarad Luchka
Captain Jarad Luchka, of Big Game Waterfowl, has more than 20 years of hunting experience in Narraganset Bay, South Coast Rhode Island, and the surrounding waters in Southern New England. As the owner and guide for Big Game Waterfowl, Jarad guides hunting groups in waters local to Narragansett Bay and Southern Rhode Island.

An avid deer hunter from childhood, Jarad expanded his passion for the hunt to waterfowl, embracing the fast pace and additional challenges of hunting on the open water, rivers and streams. Hunting waterfowl is a constant learning experience, and Jarad is passionate about sharing his expertise and techniques with groups of like-minded people.

While Jarad has hunted Upland birds, bear, deer and mountain lion, the practice and culture of hunting waterfowl elicits a drive and passion in him that he has found to be truly unparalleled. For the better part of a decade, Jarad has been involved in commercial fishing. He has guided and is one of the Captains of Big Game Sport Fishing. Through that, he discovered the enjoyment of helping other people capture what nature has to offer.

With a primary focus on sea ducks, Jarad is versatile in increasing the hunt to diving ducks, certain species of puddle ducks, and geese. The targeted species will depend on both the goals of the individual or group, and on which waterfowl are known to be available due to migration, weather and other factors.

Not only does Jarad love to hunt, but he also greatly respects and appreciates waterfowl conservation efforts. He is a supporter of Ducks Unlimited, and Delta Waterfowl. Not over-harvesting, and strict adherence to seasons and bag limits is crucial to maintaining Jarad's hunting ideologies. Jarad will share his passion, knowledge, and experience with you and your group, making sure you enjoy your guided hunt, so that you'll have a trip to remember.

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