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From November to January, Rhode Island's South Shore and Narragansett Bay offer some of the best duck hunting the Country has to offer! There's a large variety of waterfowl and some of the best Sea Duck hunting on the East Coast. Our guides have over 25 years experience and know which areas to target, based on weather and migration. We can customize your hunts with Guided and Self Guided options. We are available to accommodate hunters of all backgrounds. We offer a heated boat and will tailor your hunt based on desired species. We work very hard to ensure you have a successful day, ensuring wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.

"Big Game Waterfowl" features a 21 TDB (The Duck Boat Company) Sea Class. The vessel is perfectly designed to make it through the choppy water of New England, as well as providing a stable platform for wing shooting. Only drafting nine inches, it is also able to comfortably navigate the shallow, brackish salt marshes on the South Coast and Narragansett Bay. We offer an integrated blind system which provides the cover needed for sea ducks, divers, and puddle ducks.

We can accommodate a maximum hunting party of four people. The boat will comfortably carry five people (guide included), which is the largest hunting party size allowed by Rhode Island Law. Self-guided hunts can be tailored for larger groups, as long as they are at least five hundred feet apart. All hunters are responsible for providing their own guns and ammunition. It is recommended that you use a minimum of a 12 gauge shotgun with three inch loads. For sea ducks we strongly recommend using 3.5 inch loads.

Our boat features a heated floor capable to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. We also have 5000 BTU ducted heater running off our generator. These accommodations are meant to take the edge off during longer hunts, though they are not a substitution for proper preparation. For the day of your trip please dress warm; we recommend layers of clothing. Please keep in mind that our vessel is a side console, so it is recommended that one of your layers be waterproof.

All prices for the hunts are for the duration of shooting hours, and they include travel time to and from each hunting location.

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